Icing and Chocolate Smoother


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Icing and Chocolate Smoother

Our Roberts Edible Craft Icing and Chocolate Smoother is  100% Australian designed and made

It can be used with melted chocolate, ganaches, icings and frostings to create a smooth and professional finish.

It has a smooth easy to grip side with a polished beveled edge for great contact.  The height of the smoother at 25 cms means it will suit most barrel style cakes. 

Combination with our Chocolate Transfer Sheets and Chocolate Templates to create a chocolate dessert wafer like the professionals and the easiest Chocolate Chards for decorating a cake.

Also use with our Silky Icing to create a cake decorated with Swiss buttercream meringue with a super smooth finish.  Great for naked cakes.

If pouring chocolate freehand, then we definitely recommend using with our Thickness Guides to achieve an even thickness .

The total sheet size is 80 mm x 250 mm.

Great for tall and Barrel cakes.

Hand wash in warm soapy water, and dry thoroughly before use.

Store flat.