September 3rd Facebook Live Supplies

If you would like to follow along with our fathers day cupcakes here is the collection of goodie you may need.

We will be making buttercream cupcakes with chocolate accents using chocolate polish.

We will be making 12 cupcakes and icing with buttercream.  We will use one colour to make 3 different tones, so pick a colour!  Then you will need some sprinkles to go with your chosen colour.

You will also need a couple of piping bags and the following piping tips: 1M, 2D, 104w or 104, 363 or any open star.  

If your going to gift your cupcakes a box would be ideal.

From your kitchen you will need 12 cupcakes, some white buttercream icing, 1 gel colour and some chocolate melts.

Gel Colouring