Culinare Apple Corer / Cupcake Coer


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  • Perfect for taking the core out of cupcakes. 
  • A must have for any apple lover or baker, the Apple Corer by Culinare is perfect for removing the core from the apple without damaging the fruit
  • Minimise wastage, only the core is removed in one action, preserving the surrounding fruit for your enjoyment
  • To use, simply align the corer in the centre of the fruit over the core and push down in a smooth motion, the strong and durable stainless steel blade will glide through the fruit with ease
  • Core is simple to remove from the tool after use
  • Ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and improves stability during use for better balance and safety, allowing one smooth coring action
  • Ideal for recipes such as baked or stuffed apples