Flexi Lace - Base Mix 40g

Flexi Lace

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FlexiLace base mix is loads of fun to play with! By adding your lustre colour, like gold and silver, you get a rich deep look. You can even add your cake glitter to the mix to create a lace with bling to go on your cake! or add colour and glitter to the base mix to create your own lace colour design. NOTE:  THIS MIX IS DESIGNED TO HAVE EXTRA DRY INGREDIENTS ADDED LIKE LUSTER OR PETAL DUST.

  • Australian created and produced.
  • Strong, flexible, robust and edible.
  • Stays flexible in many temperatures and humidities.
  • Simply add water and colour of your choice, then add to lace mat.

    This lace mix is amazing.  Just mix with water, no need to whip.  Pop the leftovers into the freezer until needed.  You can tint with your gel paste colours too!  If you don't use all the lace when you make it, simply store in a ziplock bag and it will stay flexible for MONTHS!