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Large Frangipani Cutter & Veiner Set 40mm

1- Lightly dust mould with cornflower or a tiny amount of vegetable oil ,
2- Roll and cut modelling paste with stainless steel cutter ( make it thicker rather than thin)
3- Place cut blossom shape on the upturned section of mould (the section like a mountain) and gently press the icing with modelling tool or finger into the mould, press lightly the other section of the mould onto icing,
4- turn out frangipani flower to a dished shape piece of foil and allow to dry.
Once frangipani is dry you may dust the centre with petal dust.
Note: it is important to press the icing to conform with the mould in step 3 and a few goes may be required to get the moulded edges of the frangipani.
Tip : for dusting with cornflower - lay a handkerchief with a small amount of cornflower in the centre, bring corners together and tie with a rubber band then shake over icing and mould, this will distribute the cornflower evenly .
Tip : If you don�t need the flower to be double sided (for example it is sitting on a cup cake and the back won�t be seen) just mould the flower over the upturned section then turn out on a small cup shaped form (paint palette or egg carton with foil) and allow to dry.

Made in Australia