FAT DADDIOS HEATING CORE - 4,25" / 11cm high


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Heating Cores are essential for baking even, large cakes.  This is placed in the middle of the uncooked cake (fill the heating core with cake mix too), to help the cake cook from the inside out.  This core is 11cm high or 4.25" allowing it to be used with cake tins up to 4" high.

Each piece of Pro Series Bakeware is made from premium 3003 alloy and is anodized.
This anodizing process hardens and seals the surface producing an attractive, smooth and safe finish.
» Commercial quality bakeware 
» Straight sides - even thickness
» Guaranteed for 25 years - Will Not Rust, Blister Chip or Warp

  • Guarantee:
    25 YEAR - Will Not Rust, Blister, Chip or Warp
  • Brand:
    Mondo Pro Series
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