Roberts Flexi Acetate Sheets - Pk 3


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Roberts Edible Craft Flexi Acetate Sheets

Packet of 3 Clear Acetate Sheets 25.5 cm x 33 cms

Use to create amazing, chocolate metallic shapes and much much more!

Acetate sheets can be cut to any size. even joined together with tape, and used for cake collars, chocolate shards and making your own transfer sheets.

To Create a Chocolate Sail:

  1. Pour Melted chocolate in the centre of a single Edible Craft Flexi Sheet
  2. Spread in a fan - you can use our Crafting Sculpting Tools to achieve this
  3. Gather the acetate sheet (before the chocolate sets) at each end,  to create folds and peg to secure
  4. Place in the fridge to set
  5. Once set, remove pegs, and carefully peel the Flexi Sheet away from the Chocolate 
  6. use as is as a cake decoration, or use a soft decorators brush to lightly dry dust with one of our Roberts Edible Craft Lustre Dusts 

These sheets are very versatile and a handy addition in your decorating kit.