Serpent Dragon Silicone Mould - Katy Sue Mould

Katy Sue

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This Serpent Dragon has a long thin body with a curling tail and two out stretched wings. The mould is amazingly detailed with a scaly dragon skin texture and leathery wings! The mould has 3 parts to it, the main body and a left and a right wing.

Once you have cast all 3 elements place them all together to form a magnificent Dragon. If want more of a sea creature or serpent just don’t add the wings! Once dry you can add extra detail by painting with food safe paints. Perfect to decorate the top of a cake, or snaking round the edge.

All our silicone moulds are made in our UK factory and are made with FDA/EU compliant food grade silicone. Our Moulds can be used with Fondant (needs a firming agent added see how here ) sugar paste, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate, candy, boiled sugar, isolmalt, polymer clay, paper clay, air-drying clay modelling clay, cold porcelain, salt dough, wax, soap and resin.


• Serpent Dragon body Body size: 151mm x 60mm; Wing size: 75mm x 40mm (Body: 6 x 2¼; Wing: 3 x 1½)
• Weight: 160grams 
• Dishwasher safe
• Made from food safe silicone
• The mould can be used in an oven up to 200°c