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SPECTRUM FLOW Wipeouts (Pack of 20)

With Spectrum Flow Wipeouts, you never have to worry about making a mistake again, as these simple but effective food grade wipes simply erase paint marks or smudges on your cake!

We appreciate how much time and effort goes into creating cake masterpieces, and just how devastating it is when easy mistakes are made. With Spectrum Flow wipeouts, the pressure is off and those easy-to-make mistakes are a thing of the past. 

Spectrum Flow Wipeouts can be used to wipe mistakes off your cake, including airbrush paint (ethanol and water based), edible food pens, colour smudges and more.

Wipeouts have been specially interwoven, designed to ensure no fibres are left behind on your cakes.

Can be used to erase errors on various mediums, including sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, chocolate and more.

Ideal to use directly on cakes, but also to wipe clean airbrushing equipment, tools and surfaces to prevent mess.

Each wipe measures approx. 10cm x 19cm 

Isopropanol, Demineralised Water.

Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

Instructions for Use:

1. Fold and twist a single wipe into an easy-to-grasp position.

2. Gently wipe away the mistake. Do not apply too much pressure as this may damage the cake.

3. Allow the area to dry before further decorating.

4. For cleaning airbrushing equipment, tools or surfaces, use a single sheet to clean as necessary.