Cake Mix, Chocolate and Ganache

Cake Mix and bulk bags are only available in store.

White Mud Cake Mix 1kg  $9.95
White Mud Cake Mix 15kg $85.00
Choc Mud Cake Mix 1kg $10.95
Choc Mud Cake Mix 4kg $31.95
Choc Mud Cake Mix 15kg $99.00
Caramel Delight Cake Mix 1kg $12.95
Caramel Delight Cake Mix 15kg $130.00
Red Velvet Cake Mix 1kg $12.50
Red Velvet Cake Mix 4kg $31.95
Red Velvet Cake Mix 15kg $95.00
Butta Cake Mix 1kg $11.95
Butta Cake Mix 15kg $120.00
Funfettie Cake Mix 1kg $13.95
Bakels White Truffle Ganache - 500g $7.25
Bakels White Truffle Ganache - 6kg $77.00
Bakels Chocolate Ganache - 1kg $12.95
Bakels Chocolate Ganache - 12.5kg $135.00
Dark Compound Chocolate (Cadbury's or Nestle) 500g $5.95
White Compound Chocolate (Nestle) 500g $6.95
Caramel Swirl Chocolate $6.95
Milk Chocolate (Cadbury's or Nestle) 500g $6.95


15kg Cake Mix, 6kg Ganach, 12.5kg ganache may need to be ordered.

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