About Us

Across The Board Cake Decorating caters to ALL cake decorators!

From the beginner to the most experienced. With 25 years of decorating and 10 years of teaching experience Across the Board have put together a range of tools and supplies to appeal to all!  Where possible we stock Australian Made items! Cake decorating supplies for everyone!

Jenny heads up the Across The Board Cake Decorating Team.  Many many years of teaching, and decorating experience she is well qualified for the job!  She also holds a Wilton Method Instructor Qualification.  Jenny's mother and grandmother were both decorators too.  Passing their knowledge onto her when she was a child.  Some of Jenny's most prized equipment belonged to her grandmother.

Stefan is the IT arm and general support for Across The Board Cake Decorating.  He has many years of cake tasting experience!

Jenny and Stefan are assisted by their two children, Emily and Nicholas.  This is truly a family business.

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