How much is shipping?
Shipping will be determined on weight.
$8 up to 1kg
$12 1kg - 3kg
$14 3kg - 5kg

Who will deliver my order?
If the delivery address is within the Fastway Network,  Fastway will deliver your order.
For those outside the Fastway Network, Australia Post will deliver your order.
*We reserve the right to send via Australia Post when necessary.

Is my order trackable?
If you provide your email address when completing your purchase, yes you will be able to track your order.

Is my order insured for damage from the delivery company?
Fastway offer $1500 coverage on all orders included in the delivery cost.

What if my order shipping cost is less than what I paid?
No worries, our mistake!  We will refund you the difference.

What if my order shipping cost is more than what I paid?
No worries, our mistake! We will pay the extra at no charge to you.

How long will it take to dispatch my order?
We always try to get all orders into the hands of the delivery company within 1 - 2 BUSINESS DAYS.

I live in Canberra, can I pick my order up?

  • If you are a member of the Cake Decorators Association of the ACT, orders can be delivered to meetings.  
  • Yes! Drop into the shop!

I am a business, can I order in bulk?
If you live in Canberra we are more than happy to order boards in lots of 50 and boxes in lots of 100 for you.  At a bulk rate of course!

Do you offer Lay-by?
At this stage, unfortunately no.