Collection: Tin Hire

We offer tin hire on a variety of novelty pans, number tins and 13" and 14" Round and square cake tins.

Hire Fees
$5 for 1 night
$10 for 3 nights

$50 deposit PER TIN.  This will be returned to you upon timely return of a clean and undamaged tin.  Tins must be HAND WASHED.  Washing in the dishwasher will cause damage to the coating on the tin.
If you paid your hire deposit with a card the SAME CARD must be presented when we process your refund.  This is a LEGAL requirement.

Penalty Rates

Late hire fees are $5 PER NIGHT will be retained from your $50 deposit. 

Return of a dirty cake tin will incur a $10 cleaning fee to be retained from your deposit.

If the tin is lost or damaged the full $50 deposit may be retained depending on the market value of the tin or extent of damage.

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