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Gold MAGIC COLOURS METALLIC AIRBRUSH - Gold - 1 x 55ml bottle

Gold MAGIC COLOURS METALLIC AIRBRUSH - Gold - 1 x 55ml bottle

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Magic Colours Metallic Airbrush Colour is a concentrated fully edible liquid metallic food colour created for use with an airbrush or paint directly onto your cake or sweet creation.
Airbrushing cakes has never been easier. Simply add a few drops of your chosen colour to your airbrush and away you go!
Why not mix the colours to create your own shades?
Magic Colours have great smooth consistency for amazing effects on fondant (sugar paste), gumpaste, marzipan, icings, butter cream, chocolate, macaroons, wafer paper and much more.
In addition, this metallic product can be used to make gold, silver, or any coloured leaf to add luxury to cake designs.
Add lustre to your finished cake with a light spray, or create stunning metallic finishes with layered colour.

  • 55ml dropper bottle allows for mess free control of colour
  • High concentration pigment
  • Fast drying and easy to clean
  • Apply to dried paste for best resultsPiping
  • Use with Cassie Brown CD66 or compressor with minimum 30psi
  • Suitable for airbrushing, brushing, icing and painting
  • 17 colours to choose from
  • Contains alcohol


  • First layer will usually be thin. After first layer dries, add second or even third layers for deeper results
  • Be careful not to over spray, as colour may become runny
  • Always clean your airbrush immediately after use
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