Agbay Junior Single Blade Cake Leveler

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The Agbay Jr. is designed for the home baker, hobbyist, beginner and full scale bakeries specializing in all size cake, especially the smaller celebration cakes, who demand accuracy as well as ease of use.  The Agbay Jr. Single Blade Cake Leveler is the most accurate and precise cake leveling and torting tool available.


  • Cuts up to a 12 inch cake including 1/2 sheet cakes
  • Height adjustments from 1/4" up to 4 1/2" high
  • Same high quality materials and workmanship as the Professional Agbay Cake Leveler
  • Easily upgrades to the Double Blade Leveler
  • Wide foot design provides stability insuring flat and parallel cuts every time.  Feet glide easily over work surface for cutting ease without marring your counter top
  • Ideal for the professional making smaller cakes to compliment the larger Agbay Levelers
  • Compact design is convenient for travel
  • Includes cleaning tool and blade guard
  • Overall Dimensions:  18” long  x  7” high x  4” wide