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Glitter-Arti Chocolate Polish - Pick your colour!

Glitter-Arti Chocolate Polish - Pick your colour!

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100% edible chocolate polishes! They don't change the taste of the chocolate, quick and easy to apply and it doesn't smudge off the chocolate. 

Use a dry, soft and fluffy brush to apply the polish to the outside of the chocolate. Use circular motions to achieve a smooth, full coverage. Glitter-Arti Chocolate Polishes can be mixed with Cake Decorators Rose Spirit to paint fine details onto chocolate.  

Glitter-Arti Chocolate Polishes work best on dark and milk chocolate. 

Use on home-made or store bought chocolates for stunning results. 

These products can also be brushed onto dark coloured fondant or mixed with Cake Decorators Alcohol to paint onto ganache, buttercream, white fondant and royal icing!

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