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SPRINKS Sugarcraft Brush Set (10 pieces)

The SPRINKS 10 piece sugar craft brush sets are specifically crafted to help with various aspects of creating edible art on baked goods and icings.

Brush Variety: The set includes 10 brushes, each with a specific purpose. This variety allows you to achieve a range of artistic effects, from impressionistic to highly detailed designs.

Versatile Applications: These brushes are suitable for painting cookies, sugar craft models, cakes, and cupcakes. This versatility makes them useful for a wide range of  decoration projects.

Packaging: The product has been updated with new packaging, while still maintaining its high-quality performance. The packaging is recyclable.

Food-Safe Bristles: The brushes are made with soft synthetic bristles that are safe for use with food. This ensures that your creations remain edible and safe for consumption.
Brush Types and Uses:

  • Liner Brush: Ideal for intricate details, delicate lines, and fine work.
  • Round Brush: Can be used for both thin and thick lines, providing flexibility in stroke thickness.
  • Small Flat Brush: Suitable for shading, blending, and applying dust colors for a smoother transition between shades.
  • Angled Flat Brushes: Designed for painting curved strokes, creating flower petals, and achieving artistic angles in your designs.
  • Large Flat Brushes: Useful for bolder designs, lines, and dusting larger areas with color.
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